Skoda helps you differentiate between the Rapid and the Octavia

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Skoda Rapid vs Octavia

There is no denying that the new 2013 Skoda Octavia and the Skoda Rapid look uncannily similar to each other. While many of you might argue that there often exists a ‘family look’ between the cars from the same manufacturer, the similarity between the European spec Rapid and the latest generation of Octavia is so much that it is hard to tell one car from another at the first glance.

Now the VW Group Czech automaker seems to have taken notice of this and has come up with an image on its Facebook page that clearly points out the differences between the two cars.

It would be interesting to see the effect of this image in getting rid of the confusion that prevails.


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  • Yasser says:

    Oh yeah! I see 2 major differences. 1) The Octavia is silver and the Rapid is blue & 2) The Octavia has ‘Octavia’ badging and the Rapid has the ‘Rapid’ badging. If anything, this picture further substantiates what the company is trying to declare as a misconception!