Skoda Fabia to receive facelift & price cut

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It is no secret that Skoda Fabia never took the Indian hatchback segment by storm. Skoda resorted to giving botox treatment, aggressive price cutting & promotions and that did help but the car is still far from being as popular as the Suzuki Swift, which flies out of the showrooms. To complicate matters even more, parent manufacturer Volkswagen introduced the Polo some years ago and Fabia suddenly started feeling pretty dated. However, Skoda India plans to yet again inject some freshness into the fast aging brand. It is believed that the car will see a price cut and a facelift to make it more appealing to the car buying lot. Only a few days back, we reported that Skoda India intends to increase the localization for the manufacturing of its cars and hence, make them cheaper to produce and sell. Also, this would take care of high price of spare parts. The Fabia refresh should be out in a few months. Watch out for this space for more details.


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  • Even if they cut down on prices, its may be late for Fabia to garner the market, the damage seems to be done already.

    They even have Yeti, another white elephant, not substantiating the price.

    With the onslaught of Compact SUV's, only time will tell the success of Fabia.

    People's mindset is something, hard to change considering the extremely high servicing charges and spare parts…..shocking!