Skoda cars to become easier to buy and maintain

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Skoda India offers some of the most well sorted out cars that are on sale in Indian market. However, as we have been saying, the after sales service and cost of spares often leave a bad taste in one’s mouth. While the VW Group owned Czech manufacturer has been busy taking care of the former issue since some time now, it has emerged that Skoda has now planned to embark upon an aggressive localization plan to bring down the prices of both its cars and the spares. Higher localization means the car maker will be seen purchasing parts at a lower cost, as these won’t attract any import duties, and hence, pass benefit of lower manufacturing cost of the cars to the buyers. One of the other benefits of localization is that it will create more jobs in the local auto industry. It will be interesting to see if Skoda would be soon seen providing after sales services at a cost that is at par with that from the Honda.  

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