SIAM to soon come out with Voluntary Recall Policy

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Car recalls by manufacturers are something that is nothing uncommon in this day and age. Citing an example, Tata recently recalled a batch of Manza sedans to change a suspension component. However, instances of recalls are surely are on a rise and this leaves a question about quality checks being followed by the manufacturers. Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) has recently got busy with working on to draft a voluntary recall policy for its members. Mr. S Sandilya, President of SIAM said that there is currently no policy by the govt. on the cases of car recalls. SIAM will now be soon seen coming up with a guideline for its members that will see them being benefited and the recall issue will be a voluntary initiative from the car manufacturers. This policy should be out within the next few months. The aim of “Voluntary Recall policy” is to make manufacturers proactive from being reactive.

However, this policy will not be made mandatory for automobile manufacturers.

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