Shock! Six month jail term for Tata Motors MD Karl Slym

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Tata Nano

In what comes across as a shocker to us, knowing how some offenders with much more severe charges manage to go scot free, Tata Motors Managing Director Karl Slym has been awarded a jail term of 6 months along with a monetary penalty. The sentence has been ordered by the Chandigarh consumer redressal commission following a complaint by a Tata Nano customer.

While finer details about the development are not available, a report by suggests that the top official has been penalized for his company not being able to replace faulty parts of a new Tata Nano even after having been served a notice. The financial site also reports that an official spokesperson representing the automaker has said that the company will take appropriate action after studying the order in detail.

Tata Motors have their own side of the story to tell in the case. According to the company, the car in question has been been duly repaired, the parts have been replaced and the customer has even been offered a compensation. The customer, however, as per the company, is not ready to cooperate.

Sentencing the MD of a company for six months for what may well have been a dealer level mistake comes across as rather harsh to us. However, not knowing the details, we would rather refrain from forming an opinion here.
Stay tuned to know what transpires in the case.

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  • Satish says:

    Here is the proof –

    “While all seems good about BAL’s plan, Tata Motors Managing Director Karl Slym recently criticized the Indian government’s decision to come up with a new policy for quadricycle and thus, pave the way for the launch of the RE60. Slym said that the Govt’s step raises concern on safety and pollution.”

  • Satish says:

    I 100% agree to Abhiram. I too have read news of burnt Vento in news. But looked like their Managing Directors actually ‘managed’ media to protect reputation. Emerging & ‘non managing’ companies such as Tata face media and political rage impacting their image and business. above is the classic example. It is very shocking incident and possibly Mr Ratan tata have been kept off the power to pursue the case. I am damn sure it is dealer’s fault and Tata MD is suffering because of morale responsibility. Bad bad ethics. I am feeling shame on ‘system’ and ‘blind’ people.

  • abhiram says:

    how stupid is that…after several thousands have been sold some 3 or 4 have burned and no one was even told about the causes….also no one was killed or injured even…all we know was that it was hyped and forced into our faces as sensational news by our shameless opportunistic media and quite a few idiots decided on this basis that the nano is a deathtrap…shame on people for falling into this trap…for your information prestigious “quality” cars such as the volkswagen vento have also burnt..and this time actually someone was killed as the door refused to open…get ur facts straight before opening your mouth..and on the main issue…i simply don’t get the link between the MD and a petty dealer…anyone who has owned any vehicle has been eventually harassed at some point of time by the dealer…to hold the Md of the car company responsible is just to be stupid and obtuse…i’m only wondering how much influence did the customer have? also was the judge who sentenced the karl slym just stupid or just horribly biased?

  • Auto Analyst says:

    Atleast now this company ( Tata Motors ) will not take Customers for a ride by giving less quality and defective products which sometimes burn ( as seen in news ) and take the lives or harm those innocent customers who buy them with trust on Tata’s.

    Shame on Tata Motors.

  • abhishek says:

    its really shocking!
    he doesn’t deserve this.