Shane! Shane! Someone stole Liz Hurley’s Audi

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Shane, pardon us, shame be upon the thieves who stole poor Liz’s car. The British actress model who’s approaching her fifties now, and acting like one Rekha we have back here in Bollywood, went to shop for in London’s Mayfair. Four hours later when she returned, her parking spot appeared to have been licked clean by thieves.

 London cops were busy hunting for the lost ‘Luxury Audi’ which we think is an A8 till late in the night. Liz had returned to London last week after meeting her fiancé Shane Warne in Australia.

We really feel for the model actress, but we really can’t stop wondering what the thieves are going to do with the stolen car now. We are more than sure they didn’t have any clue about the snake’s pit they were putting their hands in. The car belongs to a celebrity who’s known the world over. Trying to sell the luxury car would mean only one thing – being escorted by the very capable London police behind the bars.

What would you have done had you been in the thieves’ position?  Any funny thoughts?

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