Scoop! Yamaha Ray Z male specific scooter coming on May 24

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It is no secret that the Indian subsidiary of Japanese bike maker biggie Yamaha has decided to make us bike aficionados wait for sometime before coming up with any new motorcycle. It may be noted that there are a large number of performance bike enthusiasts who are eagerly waiting for the launch of the speculated Yamaha YZF-R250. However, what we would instead get from Yamaha is a range of new automatic scooters that would cater to the fast developing auto scooter market of the country.

Yamaha currently sells the Ray 110cc automatic scooter in India. The Ray automatic scooter, the brand ambassador for which is Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone, targets the female auto scooter buying lot and is being offered in colour shades which are generally favoured by the fairer sex.

Speculations have been plentiful that Yamaha India is busy with the development of a new male specific automatic scooter for Indian market. Now, exclusive information has been received by us that this male specific scooter is indeed heading to us and would be launched on May 24, which is just a little more than a day away from us.

The upcoming automatic scooter from Yamaha will be marketed as the Ray Z and will target the male audience. The Ray Z could be marketed as a new variant of the Ray and would come with a ‘male specific’ design. The upcoming Yamaha Ray Z will have a higher saddle height and an optional disc brake.

The information comes from two different sources- one working with a Yamaha dealership in Bangalore and the other working in a Yamaha dealership in Mumbai. While the good folk from Bangalore, who revealed the launch date to our friend Karthic Ganesan, told that the scooter would be launched with a 125cc engine that would have performance figures at par with those of the Suzuki Access, our source from Mumbai says that the scooter would have a retuned version of the Yamaha Ray’s 113cc motor. Various rumours regarding a 125cc Yamaha scooter being in development have been doing rounds of the cyber space and hence, we won’t be too surprised if the upcoming scooter is indeed powered by a 125cc single cylinder engine.

The upcoming Yamaha Ray Z male specific scooter is expected to be priced marginally higher than the Ray 110cc variant and could come with some class leading features.

Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming Yamaha Ray Z.

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