SAEINDIA SUPRA 2012 to be held on 6-9 September 2012 to 9th September 2012 at the prestigious Buddh International Racing Circuit

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SUPRA SAEINDIA 2012 is one of the many competitions held by SAEINDIA (Society of Automotive Engineers India) in association with Maruti Suzuki Pvt. Ltd. The competition mainly aims at developing engineering students in a manner that they learn the basics of automobile designing and the aspects of fabrication of the same.

The basic rule of the competition is that students from all over the country showcase their talents as designing aces as well as understanding the difficulties faced in the fabrication of the design. This leads to the concept of feasible as well as sustainable engineering.

Every year around 400 colleges from India participate in such competitions organized by SAEINDIA. SAEINDIA BAJA is one such competition which gained fame in the country. In this the students need to design an all terrain vehicle with limited resources. The level of the competition is very high as it sees the maximum participation amongst all the events organized by SAEINDIA.

The history of SAEINDIA SUPRA dates back to 2010 when the SAE personnel decided to start an event which will allow students to showcase their talents and interests in FORMULA cars, their concepts and the very basic mechanics. These cars are no ordinary cars. Unlike the normal cars seen on the road these cars are extremely safe even to sustain an impact of collision into a wall at around 120kmph. The design is to be presented to eminent personalities from the industries, who approve of the design and give a green signal for fabrication work to start. All the teams receive the engine as well as transmission from Maruti Suzuki Pvt. Ltd. The competition rules forbid students from making any alterations with the engine or transmission. Yet each team is required to have an exclusive design. As very little can be done with the power train, the focus now comes to the aerodynamics and the ergonomics of the car. This is where the students jump off the books and start working in the true sense. The conventional engineering syllabi of the education system of India does not cover the topics which currently are hot in the industry. This is one of the main advantages of participating at such events.

Team VIIT from Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology Pune, is one such team which has active participation in SAEINDIA events. The team comprises mostly of second year students who have just entered the professional course of Mechanical Engineering. The team is headed by a few final year students. They participated in SAEINDIA BAJA 2012, and are currently working on the fabrication process of SAEINDIA SUPRA 2012.

The basic aim of starting SAE activities in VIIT was the need of students to make their mark in the field where students from colleges like IITB, NIT Jamshedpur etc. have a strong grip. The reason for maximum second year students working on the project is one simple thing: “ Clay can be moulded easily”. Trying to imbibe certain characteristic or interests in the mind of head strong seniors does not appeal to the core team. Automotive is a small part of Mechanical Engineering. And we at VIIT Pune want to groom the interests of all AUTO Enthusiasts that have chosen to be a part of the College.  SAE SUPRA doesn’t only provide a very wide platform to groom the interests of all the candidates but it also clears various misconceptions that students have about AUTOMOBILES. Also the students will get to learn a lot on the Technical Front, Problem Solving Techniques as well as Team Work. We at VIIT Pune, look at SUPRA as an opportunity to tap the potentials of the talented students and provide them a platform to test the technical as well as practical knowledge.

The event of SAEINDIA SUPRA 2012 will be held from 6th September 2012 to 9th September 2012 at the prestigious Buddh International Racing Circuit in Greater Noida. Its a novelty to get to drive a self manufactured car on an F1 circuit.

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