Royal Enfield heads to Philippines

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Royal Enfield is surely getting aggressive these days. The motorcycle manufacturer is gradually embracing the modern technologies (read: Unit Construction Engine, Twin Spark Plug, Fuel Injection, etc.) but has so far, managed to retain a lot of old world charm. The manufacturer has reasonable presence at its place of origin- England and recently introduced some branded riding gear that made us remark that the manufacturer wishes to go the Harley Davidson way. There is no denying that the makers of the popular ‘bullet’ wishes to be known as an iconic bike maker all over the world and this is evident with its bikes being on sale in as many as 36 countries across the world!

Now, the latest country to witness the arrival of the robust Royal Enfield motorcycles is Philippines, where Royal Enfield recently started selling five of its 500cc motorcycle models. RE offers the Classic 500, the Desert Storm 500, the Classic 500 Battle Green, the Classic Chrome 500 and the Electra Deluxe 500 at Manila, Philippines.

It may be noted that three out of aforementioned five motorcycles are sold in India. Many of us would want to swing a leg over the Bottle Green Classic 500 and proudly thump through the town but Indian regulations ensue that the military green color cannot be used on non-military vehicles. However, we are expecting that the manufacturer will soon introduce the Electra Deluxe 500.


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