Rossi to Italian media: 'I want to be like Schumacher'

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Think Moto GP and chances are that the name Valentino Rossi will be the next thought that will come to your mind. On the other hand, thinking of Formula 1 will make many remember the very famous Micheal Schumacher. Both are the ‘maestros’ in their respective fields. Recently, ‘the Doctor’ admitted that he admiration for the car racer’s skills and popularity.

In an interaction with Italy’s Sky Sport 24 channel, 32 year old Rossi said: “I think it’s great to see [what] Schumacher [is doing]. He is ten years older than me but still in great shape and full of energy. At 43, I want to be like him.”

Rossi also talked about the things in common between himself and Schumacher, “I’m an Italian racing for an Italian team, Schumacher is a German with Mercedes. And we have the same chances in the championship.”

We say that we want to be like both!

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