Rolls Royce launches more customization options for Ghost

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The announcement that more than half of Rolls-Royce Ghosts commissioned are specified with ‘Bespoke’ personalization evokes a tradition that stretches back to the pioneering Silver Ghost models of the pre-war era. Echoes of the seemingly limitless imagination employed when the Maharajas commissioned their incredible motor cars can be seen in the desire by India’s new elite to own a vehicle with very special personal flourishes.

The good people at RR surely were inspired from the rich lineage when developing the Ghost Bespoke Commission Collection. As many as 24 new magnificent exterior paint options have been added to the 44,000 Phantom bespoke colours that are now available on Ghost. Subtle yet stylish touches to the interior include colored instrument panel tops, colour options for the steering wheel and special Commission Collection leather options with many choosing to match the colour of their hand painted coachline to the interior leather shade.

For customers wishing to make a slightly grander statement, a resplendent gold plated Spirit of Ecstasy can be commissioned to adorn the top of Ghost’s iconic radiator grille whilst special ‘R-R’ monogrammed door cappings elegantly expresses the precision craftsmanship of the team at Goodwood. For the ultimate in personalization, Bespoke tread plates stating the provenance of the car or even the owners name or business can be added to the interior door sills.

Visit to see incredible range of Ghost Bespoke personalization options.

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