Riding Solo to the Arctic Circle on a 90cc Honda Cub

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Arctic Circle on a Honda C90-2

We’ve been putting quite a few motorcycle motivational posters on our Motoroids Facebook Page on the passion and spirit of riding. We recollect one saying “Passion knows no season” and how true does it hold for this story.

A visual of a BMW R1200GS swallowing a rocky trail, or even something like a Kawasaki KLR650 taking on a broken path gets that itch within us to just head out on two wheels. Now that also reminds us of our another motivational poster that reads “It’s not what you have, but how hard you use it that matters“.

Sydney to London on Honda CT110

Befitting this quote, a Brit by the name of Nathan Millward rode all the way from Sydney to London covering 35,000 kms on a postal moped- a Honda CT110 just a few months back. And if you thought that was extreme (of course it was without doubts), this time it’s Ed March and his Honda C90 (popularly known as the Honda Cub) out on a 6500 kms ride. Might seem a dwarfing attempt compared to Nathan’s ride on the CT110, but what makes Ed’s trip special is that he took his C90 to the Arctic Circle….and worse- in the dead of winter.

Arctic Circle on a Honda C90

Riding Solo on his trusty C90 mounted with a Union Jack (flag of the United Kingdom), camera equipment and camping gear, Ed says “To show the world you don’t need a BMW R1200GS to travel. As to why a moped like the C90 for an adventure of this extent, Ed states on his website that “I just can’t seem to kill the thing. I constantly abuse the poor thing, I ride her as fast as she’ll go down muddy lanes and when things wrong, we leave the road enter the ditch or hedge and with any luck smash our way out legs flailing and continue the journey. There’s no worrying about broken fairings, bent forks or scratched paint. You just keep on riding.”

Arctic Circle on a Honda C90-3

Secondly he says that “Nothing comes close to one riding on ice….the centre of gravity is so low and the tyres so small that it just doesn’t loose grip, and when it does, you just put your legs out to use as stabilizers and power slide.”

In fact this one’s not Ed’s first daredevil venture on the C90. His earlier trip included an 8 month ride of 23,000+ kms from Malaysia till his hometown in the United Kingdom. He is in the process of compiling his documentary of the Malaysia-UK trip, post which the Arctic ride would be put up in detail on HIS WEBSITE.

As for now, here’s a small video of his adventure. Its absolute helmets off to these riders from the Motoroids team. Enjoy the video:

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