Renault Pulse petrol launched at INR 4,25,000

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We have been reporting in detail about Renault Pulse since a few months. The Nissan Micra derived hatchback has received around 600 bookings withing a month and now Renault India has introduced the market to the gasoline variant of the hatchback. It may be noted that Renault had introduced the Pulse with the 1.5 DCi diesel engine that it had borrowed from the Micra. As expected, the petrol version of the Pulse gets its 1.2 Liter, 75 Bhp, 3 cylinder gasoline motor from the Micra. The powerplant is mated to 5 speed manual gearbox but there are some interesting  rumors of Renault planning to introduce an automatic transmission variant with the petrol sibling.

It may be noted that Renault and Nissan are present as a group in the Indian market and are expected to share a lot of components (and in this case, the entire car!). We recently reported in detail about the Sunny based Renault Scala sedan and it is a matter of time before it is launched in the market.

Renault pulse petrol prices ex showroom delhi:

RXE petrol: Rs. 4,25,000 (Driver airbag)
RXL petrol: Rs. 4,99,000 (Driver airbag)
RXZ petrol: Rs. 5,55,000 (ABS plus dual airbags)

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