Renault India to Develop a Tata Nano Rival

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Only yesterday, we posted that popular French automaker Renault is pretty serious about its Indian operations and has decided to refrain from re-badging a Nissan India car and selling it under its own banner in future. Now, it has emerged that Renault India has not let the failure of its Bajaj ULC plan stop it from coming up with another low cost small car project. The Tata Nano rival from Renault will come with a price tag of about INR 2.1 lakhs and might be jointly developed with its global partner Nissan.

As has emerged earlier, Renault-Nissan has no interest in rebranding and selling Bajaj RE60 four wheeler. The Bajaj RE60 has failed to meet the expectations and standards of Renault-Nissan and will be sold as an auto rickshaw alternative instead of being a Tata Nano rival.

The Renault low cost car will meet global standards and would be exported to some other developing car markets.

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