Renault Duster Diesel Variants Become Pricier

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The Duster has to be one of the most successful cars of the recent times. The Duster can safely be credited with turning the fortunes of Renault India and making it a volume player in Indian car market.

The Duster, the first Compact SUV in Indian market (If you forget about the Premier Rio which hasn’t exactly been a runaway  success), was introduced at an alluring price point and soon, the pricing became one of the USPs of the car. Several months down the line, the Duster continues to be a high selling car and commands a huge waiting period. The price, however, saw a rise sometime after the car was launched and the competitive edge to the price was lost to some extent.

It has not even been a year since the Duster has been in our market and the Indian subsidiary of the French auto maker has decided to raise the prices again.

The diesel variants have now become pricier by INR 20,000-50,000. The prices of the petrol variants have been left untouched owing to an already low demand of the petrol powered models.

2013 Renault Duster Diesel New Price List-

Variant               Old Price                      New Price

RxE 85                INR 873,645                INR 902,490

RxL 85                INR 978,704                INR 1,007,549

RxL(O) 85          INR 1,083,763            INR 1,133,621

RxL 110              INR 1,083,763            INR 1,112,608

RxZ 110             INR 1,188,835            INR 1,207,161

RxZ(O) 110       INR 1,220,339            INR 1,259,692

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