Registry goof up blacklists Russian President over biker links

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Vladimir Putin riding

The Russian President- Vladimir Putin loves leading a macho life. Driving formula 1 cars, martial arts, flying fighter jets, moving around in tanks and best, loves riding through the streets of Moscow on a motorcycle which he considers as “the most dramatic form of transport”.

Off-late Finnish TV broadcaster MTV3 discovered that Putin’s name surfaced in a secret criminal register for his connection with notorious Russian biker gang ‘Night Wolves’. The entry meant that the Russian President could be arrested and and face a possible term of at least 6 months imprisonment.

The news sent shockwaves through Finland and a flood of apologies followed. Finnish Interior Minister Paivi Rasanen extended his share stating that “sincere apologies for the incorrect registry entry. The Interior Ministry considers it of grave concern if a member of the police has made such groundless entries into the database of suspects.”

The top brass at the centre of Finland administration are confused as to how Putin’s name made it to the register. Though Putin’s name has been removed from the record, the office of the Prosecutor General in Finland has initiated a criminal case into the incident to find out on the error that has brought embarrassment in bilateral relations.

Vladimir Putin riding-3

As a matter of fact and record, in July 2009, Putin who was then Russia’s Prime Minister- was invited to the ‘Night Wolves’ biker club. The leader of the club known as ‘the Surgeon’ took Putin around the place highlighting the history of the motorcycle club. A year later, Putin happened to ride with the gang to a motorcycle event. Little did he know that a short association might erroneously land his name in the criminal books.

But as goes for saying “Alls well that ends well”, the Finnish administration could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

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