Reader’s review: Saurabh Jain’s quick review of the Yamaha Fazer

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One way of looking at this bike is to dismiss it off as just another FZ. However, Yahmah claims instaling a aerodynamic front quarter fairing has transformed the street fighter into a tuner. Some 8 months ago, I decided to go for a Yamaha Fazer, hoping that it will have some connection with the real Fazer.

Engine and Transmission:  
Fazer is powered by the same Air Cooled 153cc 2 Valve refined mill from the FZ series which produces a peak power output of 14 Ps at 7500 rpm,  Peak torque output of 14 Nm which comes at an early 6000 rpm. Fazer has Constant mesh 5-speed trasmission.Gearbox and clutch are easy to use.  Now, a Fazer has to have a bigger engine but her, a power of just 14ps is all that I have to play with.
No doubt that Fazer is a handsome bike. I feel that the front fairing has certainly transformed the way the FZ, the bike on which my Fazer is based on, looks. A lot of mile munching on highways has proven the efficiency of the fairing.Fazer is very good for long open higways. Fazer has a twin 35W headlamps out of which just one works when the bike is not on high beam.Left bulb is for low beam and right too lights up on shifting to high beam. Park it next to a Pulsar 220 and immediately the differences are crystal clear. The fairing, wheels, lights, speedo console, design, and every other visual aspect of the Fazer makes it stand miles ahead of the Bajaj in terms of quality and craftsmanship.
Riding Comfort :  
Fazer certainly has a more relaxed seating posture than rest of the 150cc bikes.It has high set handlebar which prevents fatigue and provides comfort for the backbone making it more comfortable for highway riding. I feel relaxed during hours of commutes in city. Highway cruising is a pleasure on this bike as its well designed fairing, along with the mass centralization concept, provides you with a level of confidence that is simply reassuring.
My point of view say that tires are most important after disk brake in Fazer. Because of good big rear 140/60-17 size Radial tubeless tyre and big front disk brake, braking is really good but why not a rear disk brake Yamaha?
FUEL Efficiency:  The bike delivers an average of 35 – 40Km/l.
If You want Good style bike in Rs,80000 , then Go for the Fazer. It is the  best looking 150cc in the market. But this bike has 150cc mill that is NOT from the R15. So, at Rs80000 it is certainly not the best buy for those looking for a performance bike.

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