Reader’s Review: Regular Reader & Suzuki Lover Ankit Tiwari Talks About the Suzuki Access125

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Dear Lord, thank You very much for giving superb engines in almost every non gear we rode till date. They almost always turned out to be fun. But this time, I wish You to grant one more of my wish because as per me, You failed a bit to grant all with the SUZUKI Access 125.

Hello everyone, and let’s talk a scooter which caused quite a stir for it’s not so appealing looks but quite impressive performance and fuel efficiency. Suzuki Access, 8.5 bhp and 9.8 Nm, around 43-45 kpl of fuel efficiency and a top speed of almost 90 kph (though speedo can reach a 97 kph mark). All this jointly opened a cold war against the previous generation Honda Activa and this new kid actually pushed the Honda to come up with a better Activa. And there are few more reasons as well, it has better dynamics and chasis, brakes, and specially the front telescopic front suspension which works like bike and don’t make the vehicle to rise whenever front brake lever is pulled! Rear is usually the same, single sided coil spring oil damped shock absorber swing arm type. Headlamps are 35/35 W Halogens and are the best on any Suzuki in the present line-up. Now leaving the techy things behind, let’s see how it performs on tarmac.Road ride or off it, is typical 125cc Suzuki, harsh, stiff, bumpy at times and can give one a false feeling of going unstable at high speeds. And with over inflated tyres which measure 80/90-10 one can give falling a try but normally they are quite grippy and even in wet they don’t tend to slip. Try a knee down. Try a hard braking on a straight line. Try almost every extreme possible with scooters and this thing handles everything sometimes, it struggles, sometimes with ease. Acceleration is something which can put some bigger bikes’ to shame. Then you might find yourself struggling for quicker braking because they are quite typical Suzuki as well, they fade above 80 and you can feel as if they ain’t there at all at speeds above 90 kph, but that’s not much of your concern, or are you going to ride it like bikes? Now moving on to city rides, one enjoys the quick acceleration and a peppy ride when doing zig zag stuffs but sometimes there is a blank between 0- start, if you try to pull this babe slowly, the clutch had some issues, now rectified. CVT is one thing that I won’t be mentioning, it is Constantly Variable Transmission, it varies it’s ratio as the rpm of either engine or wheel, changes. And now moving further, the fuel efficiency comes close to the 50 kpl mark, depends more on where you ride on speedometer. Room is adequate for one, yes one, and that one can’t put the gas cylinder at the bank at the front, now why on Earth, Suzuki guys made it a few inches narrower? Under Seat is good though. To sum up, this scooter is more like a bike with quite more space to stuff in it, but lesser seating and utilitarian space make it a bit useless, I mean imagine you with your wife and a boy and a girl altogether with utter comfort, as shocks might bottom out, and with all four people on board, all are cramped for sure. A scooter is for a family man, and if it can’t help him bring a gas cylinder alone, or with a pillion, as seat is way too small for that, or either he makes his spine ache for a while, the scooter actually is a fail while granting all the wishes. It does, of the youth, girls who want a comfortable yet practical scooter with more performance than a Honda Activa and who want to tease boys like if boys ride something bad…..

Anything remaining? Sorry God, Suzuki failed this time to provide common man a great scooter while TVS Scooty is best in all these departements, like speeds no more than 70 kph, space with can eat a whole gas cylinder up front, quite good suspension up front and rear, and even then don’t expect you all four, but is a nice scootrette.But, there is much more and not just this. The performance of this scooter is something which made the Activas and Dios go almost off the production line, this scooter reminds it’s rider the very existence of a bigger scooter named Kinetic Blaze. A scooter which really redefined scooters and their capabilities to the huge mass of bike and specially pulsar lovers. Blaze failed due to the name of Kinetic behind it, but, this Suzuki was successful at striking the bells at the perfect time and it has almost always has fulfilled the hunger of performance lovers from his scooter. Turn on the Ignition key, twist it to ‘ON’, Press the brake and clutch simultaneously and Damn! A sweet voice of the starter motor creeps in your ears Twist the throttlea bit, leave it, leave the brakes, open the throttle wide and damn again! Purest form of torque and acceleration. As per me, this is quickest in the 40-50 kph band with 45-50 kph in 1 second! Though many may disagree or debate on this but yes, this thing does this and gives many ‘performance’ bikes a run for their money untill it touches the 80 kph mark, expect higher top speeds but don’t expect acceleration due to the engine and carburetter which are borrowed from the SUZUKI ZEUS/Slingshot 125, afterwards. And by every chance when the rider encouters the curves, ease back, get your knee out, lean, brake a bit or better leave the throttle and push yourself straight in the corner and ride out. All your efforts are welcomed once you know how to handle this civilised scooter. I know we have talked this before as well, but performance lovers seems to be hungry even now, even when I have said most of this scooter, they think I am still missing on something, but to be true, apart from some scary viberations during high speed braking, which is a common trait of telescopic suspension, specially with the scooters, nothing is missing, it behaves, acts and replies as good as a bike, sounds almost like a bike, accelerates way better than present 100cc bikes and is fun and is more utilitarian than most commuter bikes……  

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