Reader’s Review: Maninder Singh Quickly Tells Us Why he Bought the Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

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I bought an Alto K10 Vxi last year (2011). In a little time, I’ve had the vehicle with me, I have done around 9000 km.

Why I bought this car?

Fuel economy was the chief factor that made me buy this car. Without AC, I get about 16 kmpl in the city and 22-23 kmpl on the highway. Turn the AC on and the figures drop down to 14kmpl in the city and 20kmpl on highway (if driven at speeds below 80kmph).


I found the looks of the K10 better than that of the previous generation Alto. It comes with eagle-eyed headlamps and new tail lamps. The rear side though could have been better. The interiors are much the same as the previous Alto except for the new 3-spoke steering wheel, gear knob and a fresh console that sports a tachometer, speedometer and digital fuel gauge.


The Alto is basically a city car and the handling is good at city speeds. It inspires confidence while cornering. However, at highway speeds, the car tends to become unstable especially once you cross the 120kmph mark.

Ride and Comfort

The ride is decent for a car in this segment. Space, however, is an issue with this car. If the front seats are swept back completely, the rear legroom becomes too less for a person above 5’7?. Three adults can squeeze into the rear seat but it won’t be very comfortable. The boot space of the car too is good enough for its size.


Maruti’s service network is great…do I really need to say anything else? Plus this is a value for money car with next to no issues.


Power steering is a default feature on the new Alto. The top end Vxi model gets features like a remote boot and fuel lid open, front power windows, internally adjustable side view mirrors, fog lamps and a tachometer. Rear power windows, however, are still missing.


Overall the Alto K10 is a nice buy and my car has been running without any problems so far. I expect the same for years to come as this is what Maruti Suzuki cars are known for. For a family of four, this is the perfect small car. It’s a practical car and the buyer surely gets a smile on his face!

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