Rajiv Bajaj confirms that RE60 is NOT a Tata Nano rival

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We have been saying this to people ever since the Bajaj RE60 was launched. Regulars at our site should remember that we clearly mentioned that the Bajaj RE60 had nothing to do with being a Tata Nano rival and is more of a replacement to the Auto Rickshaws. Even when Rajiv Bajaj had clearly mentioned that the RE60 is not a car but a three wheeler with one extra wheel, people have been comparing this car with the Nano. Now, in a recent interview, Rajiv Bajaj made clear that the RE60 is not a Tata Nano rival. He said that while the Nano is an ultra low cost car that targets first time car buyers and 2 wheeler users, the RE60 is only for auto drivers and hence, public transport. 

The RE 60 comes with a 20 PS, 200cc engine that boasts of Bajaj’s ‘almighty’ twin spark technology. The RE60 offers more comfort and safety than an Auto Rickshaw and has a fuel economy of about 35-40kmpl. The RE60 is claimed to be as easy on pocket to maintain as an Auto Rickshaw. 

Rajiv Bajaj, it may be noted, said that he has no intentions of bagging the Cheapest Car in the World title for the RE 60. 

Hope this development clears the air about the supposed rivalry between Bajaj RE60 and Tata Nano.


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