Piaggio to Launch Vespa TVC

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The Vespa is positioned as a timeless and ageless lifestyle product that leverages its rich heritage and unique values to appeal to the finer emotions of the consumer. Piaggio says that it aims to create a new luxury segment in the two wheeler space for consumers and has launched the first TVC for Vespa.

The communication aims at echoing the point that the Vespa is not just a mode of transportation, but is an individual style statement.  The effective message translated into the film is really the fact that the youth express their individuality through their lifestyle. This is as universal as it is timeless. Thus, the communication hinges on “unchanged style” articulated in the tagline ‘Fashion Unchanged.’

Speaking about the campaign, Mr Ravi Chopra, Chairman & Managing Director, Piaggio India says, “Vespa is not just a scooter, but a way of life. Its Italian design and style has endured the many decades of changing lifestyles, establishing itself as an icon, cherished and revered all over the world. This film brings out this retro yet contemporary magic of this brand. Consumers would be urged to possess the Vespa upon seeing the film.”

The film opens with a young man in a modern setting, cheerfully getting ready to go out. He jumps out of bed, dons his favourite shirt, shoes, jacket, straps on his helmet; all styled in a Vespa way, retro classic, yet modern chic. He gets on his Vespa in search of the perfect girl. Not your sporty kind. Not your high fashion girl. But someone who matches his style, and of course, matches his Vespa. It’s a modern take on the classic Cinderella story. There is a little twist in the film, not apparent at first, which waits to be unearthed by the truly style conscious, and observant. No spoilers here.

The film ends with the line, “Vespa. Fashion Unchanged. Since 1946”.

Commenting on the thought behind the campaign, Samrat Bedi, Head, Meridian says “Vespa is not a mere means of transport with awesome fuel efficiency, wider tyre grip and such. It would have been of great disservice to Vespa had we positioned it on functional benefits. Plus, scooter advertising in India does so much of that anyways. Initially, the brand was launched with Print, OOH, Digital and PR. Given the encouraging consumer response to the campaign, we collectively believed that it was time for more people to get to know and fall in love with the Vespa. This TVC is single-mindedly

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