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Here are some pics taken during the drive of Skoda Rapid at the media launch in Rajasthan. A full fledged review will follow soon. The description of the images that follow is in respective order of the images.

Exterior Pics :

1. Front looks very similar to Fabia, coupled with some hints from Laura.

Rear is where Skoda decided to play a little with the design and we have the C motif in tail lamps and a ‘prism’ like surfacing job on the boot lid.

2. Large boot space. Unlike the Octavia, Rapid remains to be a proper sedan and has no notchback to boast of.

3.  15 inch 5 spoke alloy wheels shod with 185 cross section tires on the top end variants.

4. The car looks a tad more handsome and well proportioned in the flesh than in the pics.

Interior Pics :

1. Neat key fob with remote locking.

2. The hand-rest for front seats gets a built in storage compartment.

3.  Note- Leather wrapped gear knob. Though, leather wrapped steering wheel was sorely missed.

4.  Not just both of them, individual rear cabin lights can be switched on as well.

5.  Note- Chrome plated door lever.

The door pocket is good enough to hold a 1 litre mineral water bottle.

The top end variant boasts of speakers in rear doors as well.

6.  Placed just below the rear aircon vents, the car gets a clever cup holder at the rear.

7.  Sufficient legroom even with the front seat pulled all the way to the back.

8. Scooped rear of the front seat to free up more knee room for the rear pessenger.

9. Spacious glove compartment.

10. Easy to read dials have a classic font.

Note- Digital fuel gauge bar.















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