Peugeot 608: The new Flagship model from the French carmaker

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If recent rumors and reports are to be believed, the Peugeot’s conecpt HX1 will head into production as the 608. said to have a possibility of getting launched in 2014, the model will be about half a ‘shoe size’ larger than the Mercedes R class.



Engine options are guessed to be among a variety of diesels expected with outputs ranging from 163-275 PS (119-202 kW / 161-271 hp). For  environment friendly people, there are reports of a hybrid variant which has a 204 PS (150 kW / 201 hp) diesel engine and a 95 PS (70 kW / 95 hp) electric motor. Sounds interesting, to say the least.

If everything goes as per the stories we are getting to hear, the upmarket wagon should be priced starting approximately €55,000 ($75,710 / £47,990).

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