KTM Duke 390 Caught Testing ?

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We always knew that the KTM Duke 200 is merely the tip of the iceberg.  It may be noted that Indian motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj Autos holds 47% stake in Austrian bike maker KTM and the manufacturing process for Duke 200 and 125 is courtesy Bajaj. Bajaj KTM Duke 200 has taken the Indian premium bike segment by storm and thanks to the cool styling, terrific performance and an aggressive price tag; the Katoom has been eating into the sales of both Yamaha R15 and Honda CBR 250R.

However, Bajaj certainly has no plans to sit back and enjoy the worried faces of the Japs. Bajaj-KTM intends to continue its onslaught on rival manufacturers by soon introducing more KTM products in Indian market. Below are attached the scanned copies of a Bajaj-KTM document which speaks in detail about the objectives of the Austrian company. Regulars here might remember that we were the very first to report that KTM plans to introduce a 350cc + bike in Indian market and yet again, our sources have not disappointed us. The document here says that the duo will develop & sell a 375cc bike in Indian market and this bike will be based on one of the three all new vehicle platforms that KTM will develop in collaboration with Bajaj. KTM-Bajaj will also be seen working together on a 2 cylinder engine. This will be the same engine that will power the upcoming Pulsar 375, albeit, in a different state of tune.

In keeping with the tradition of naming its bikes with last two digits ending with 90, KTM will name the new bike as KTM Duke 390. The new bike is expected to make its first public appearance in the next few weeks, at the 2012 EICMA Motorcycle Show.

What we have as the lead image is a pic from Grease n Gasoline. The little known blog claims that this photograph is the first ever spy pic of the KTM Duke 390. However, the above pic, in all probability, is that of a 2013 KTM 1190 Super Duke. The engine size, the size of the tyres and that beefy end can, all of this shouts that the bike isn’t a KTM Duke 390.  This pic being posted as a KTM Duke 390 test mule pic is nothing more than a clever attempt to trick us biking aficionados. We might very well need to wait for the 2012 EICMA motorcycle show to know what the KTM Duke 390 really looks like.

Check out the attached docs to know about all the plans that KTM-Bajaj have.

KTM-Bajaj-Report-211x300  KTM-Bajaj-Report2-211x300

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  • Point well taken. Sincere apologies. 🙁

  • Okman says:

    I think it's very rude of you to call us Japs.
    You should be more careful of what you write in your articles.

  • krish says:

    hey what about an authentic and affordable enduro bike for india ? KTM s known for its supermoto and enduro and duke is a streetbike, all the bikes in india are street bikes, KTM pl get a 250-500 enduro here !!!

  • Santosh says:

    It's hard to believe that this is 390duke. This has got paralink rear suspension, hydraulic clutch, tubed axels on both wheels, monoform brakes and twin disks at front, which are far away from our cost conscious market.

  • Shashank says:

    Well the 2000 units/month could be a quite impressive figure for company considering only enthusiastic bikers like us would even think of buying them and if a company like KTM wants to create a good brand image among us(since we have heard only few names) it will have to come up with good line up of bikes rather making smaller displacement just to make them affordable…sure not everyone would agree to this but if i m spending lakhs of money on my bike i would hate to see it get common on road…But from the company prospective my view may not make much sense and at the end of day they will do whatever they have to do to lure more n more guys like us into their showrooms…