Now test ride a Mahindra scooter and win Rs 500 if you buy another brand

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Mahindra Zip Zap Zoom challenge

Mahindra Two Wheelers have introduced a unique scheme to draw customers to their showrooms. Under the new marketing scheme christened the Zip Zap Zoom Test Ride Challenge, the company is giving away Rs 500 to prospective customers who test ride a Mahindra scooter and still buy another scoot. Interesting ploy!

Valid between April 1st and April 30 2013, the scheme entitles any person who test rides Mahindra Duro DZ, Mahindra Rodeo RZ & Mahindra Rodeo RZ Std. and still decides to buy a scooter from a competing brand.

It’s a great way to draw customers to the showrooms, as our recent interactions with some Mahindra dealers suggest that the scoots aren’t quite moving off the shelf as many numbers as expected. So if you’re willing to buy a new scoot, head off to the Mahindra Two Wheelers showroom first. Who knows you may just end up buying one. And even if you don’t, you stand to win Rs 500, which is good enough for going for a movie with your girlfriend.

Talking about the new scheme, Mr. Viren Popli, Senior V.P Strategy and Market Development, Mahindra Two Wheelers said “Mahindra Scooters are powered by the Z series engine which delivers both power and very good mileage. Moreover Mahindra Scooters are loaded with features not available in any of our competitors. This makes us supremely confident that any customer who comes to take a Test Ride of Mahindra Scooters won’t buy any other scooter”

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