Nissan to launch a cut price Micra next year. But why a petrol variant?

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The cutesy little Micra hatchback hasn’t exactly been a hot seller in Indian market. However, this might be all set to change as rumors of a cut price Micra petrol are afloat. Nissan has labelled this project as G02A and basically, Nissan India will come up with a stripped down variant of Micra at an aggressive price tag. Nissan is targeting high selling Hyundai i10 with the upcoming edition of Micra and the prospect of having a car from a segment above at a price that is not more than lower B segment hatch sounds quite exciting.

However, it remains to be seen how successful the petrol engined car will be. It takes no rocket science to state that Nissan is much better off by launching a stripped down variant of the Micra diesel instead. However, Nissan is probably not thinking on these lines and will launch the budget edition of Micra petrol early next year.

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