Nissan Easy Fill Tire Alert system debuts in 2013 Altima

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This might be something that we always needed. This development should reduce the accidents due to tire malfunctions to a large extent and also do away with the hassles like checking the air pressure every now and then. Nissan has introduced the “Easy Fill Tire Alert” system on the 2013 Altima sedan. This feature allows the car user to monitor the car tire’s air pressure.

“I think a lot of people probably don’t think about tire pressure. I didn’t, and so this is a good system to have,” said a Nissan customer.

The feature works by alerting the driver about the low pressure using a display that shows the pressure on the tire(s). To avoid more air to be filled, the horn chirps once the optimum air pressure is obtained.

“I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing unless I have something telling me that it’s right, so this is good,” said the customer. 

“It’s one of those simple slap your forehead moments, as to why someone has not thought of it before. If you get a low pressure tire warning, you’re not left wondering if you have a serious condition that requires you to stop immediately, or if its something that allows you to drive home or to the nearest filling station and then fill up,” said Vishnu Jayamohan with Nissan Product Planning and Advanced Strategy.

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