NISMO (Nissan Motorsports) plans coming to India

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Nissan Motor Co’s motorsports arm (NISMO) is considering to enter Indian motorsports and join the biggies like Toyota and Volkswagen.

Cuurently, NISMO is limited only to Japan and is into design and development of competition cars along with being a part of domestic and international races. Not just this, NISMO is also into management of domestic and international racing promotional activities.Nissan Motorsport International Co reportedly said that it will surely consider marking its presence in India once the company decides entering race or rally sports in markets where the parent Nissan is seeing a growth.












“India is very important as a car market but I want to see how motorsports evolves in the future in India. I know F1 was conducted in India…So, probably motorsports activity is going to be more popular,A process has started with the involvement of all kinds of regions and motorsports agencies not only in Japan, but globally. So, I guess India will come up in that kind of process,” NISMO President Shoichi Miyatani said.


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