Next generation 2014 Toyota Corolla rendered: Details and specs

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The Toyota Furia sedan concept shown at the Detroit Auto show, as we reported earlier, will be the building block for the next generation Corolla. Now, our friends at Autoesporte have rendered the car.

In its new avatar, the Corolla is expected to shed its current understated, flowy lines and adorn a more chiseled, aggressive and angular look. Sharp, slim headlights, use of LEDs and carbon fiber inserts at the rear – there is plenty of character and attitude to be expected in the new Corolla if it were really to be based on the Furia concept.

The new car is expected to have more cabin space and legroom, thanks to a longer wheelbase. Power will be provided most likely by the current 1.8 liter petrol engine in a more powerful and more fuel efficient state of tune. There will also be a diesel power plant on offer, more details on which are not available. Both cars will be offered in manual and six-speed auto transmissions.

The work is under progress and the new gen car is in an advanced stage of development. Expect the new Corolla to make a worldwide debut in 2014. The car will first make it to America, will later be brought to Brazil, with a slightly different exterior treatment, and will finally be introduced to India by late 2014.



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