Next gen Jaguar XJ might come in two differently styled body variants

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next gen jaguar xj

The Tata Group owned British premium car maker Jaguar has been posting decent numbers on the sales charts ever since it was taken over by the Indian auto giant. The exterior styling of the new breed of Jaguars have received a warm welcome from the markets it has been well established in. However, the car hasn’t won any design contests in markets such as that of China, where the car buying lot prefers a more traditional look.

It has now emerged that Jaguar XJ will get two different body styles. This means that the car will get market specific body styles. While one of the two body styles will have an exterior design that will be an evolved species of the current car. As for the other variant, it will be differently-styled and will more like the Jaguars of the yore.

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  • H S Nagaraja says:

    China doesn’t like Jag styling !!! and Jags changing for them!!! I could understand long wheelbase – everything for China but this is pushing it a bit too far to gain numbers! & China is screwing Indian auto-aesthetic by launching SAIL and ENJOY through GM!!! Not to mention other Chinese cars that are horrendous – looking! Though surely but steadily, Brits & germans Design Directors at QOROS & Geely are shaping better products!