Next-Gen Hyundai i10 spy pictures and details

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The next generation Hyundai i10, which is getting geared for a launch sometime in late 2013 has been spotted doing the testing rounds in Europe. Our friends at Carscoop have managed to take some pictures of the car, albeit with heavy camouflage.

In its latest avatar, the i10 seems to have decided to not only grow bigger, but also to shed its cutesy image. The images suggest a wider stance for the car, more length from whatever little peeps through that black padding and a more angular look. What makes us think so? Well, look at those ORVMs, not only are they wider, but look more chiseled as well. Now someone won’t put those toned mirror-backs on a car which is supposed to look as girly as the current gen i10, would he? Oh, and don’t miss the ORVM mounted blinkers – stylish!


A look at the front image suggests a wider track, and a glance at the profile shot suggests that the car may be just that wee bit longer. A little extra bootspace doesn’t hurt, does it? Though a part of that perceived length is also attributed to the rear padding which is extending out of the actual body of the car, adding a good 4-5 inches to its overall length. The roofline seems to have changed, and so have the pillars. Hyundai sure want to add some meat to this pretty dame’s body.

Under the hood, the big news should be the 1.1 liter 3 cylinder diesel pot which is highly expected to power the next gen version of the car. With about 65 bhp and 150 Nm on tap, this engine should make the popular i10 a hot favourite among those who are looking for a small car which doesn’t run on the golden fuel. Addition of an auto transmission to that variant has the potential of creating a new segment altogether in the Indian car market – a diesel propelled small automatic hatch.

Apart from the diesel engine, the trusty, and efficient kappa2 engine would continue to power the next-gen Hyundai i10.

The car is expected to make its first appearance at the Geneva auto show in March. Expect an India introduction by late 2013 to Jan. Stay tuned for more dope on this hot seller.


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