Next gen Ferrari road cars could borrow Turbo V6s from upcoming F1 cars

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It seems like Ferrari road going cars are to follow the Formula One cars of next season. It has been a well known fact that the F1 cars will ditch their current engines in favour of turbocharged V6 motors next season and it has now emerged that similar could be the case for road legal Ferrari cars.

The source of this speculation is a recent speech by Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa, in which he hinted that the technology that is being developed for the new F1 cars could trickle down to next generation of Ferrari road cars within next four years.

This means that the Ferrari 458 Italia replacement, which is due in 2016, could feature a lot of technologies that would be first seen on F1 cars of next season.

A smaller engine displacement would surely help Ferrari to keep a check on fuel consumption and emissions of its cars. A turbocharger, on other hand, would help it to not compromise on power. Borrowing technology being developed for its F1 cars would also help the Italian performance car maker to save some dough during development of engines for next gen Ferraris. Also, sharing the technology with F1 cars could make Ferrari road cars all the more desirable. We aren’t surprised to hear all this as technologies from the pinnacle of motorsports have always trickled down into road going performance cars. Also, this trend brings us all the more closer to Formula One race cars.

Good times ahead for us motoring aficionados? Surely.

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  • Rahul Nargundkar says:

    Pretty sure with Turbo’s ans KERS, the italia replacement will be dishing close to 700 horses..