Next gen Audi TT to be lighter, better handler

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The TT has to be among the most iconic of sportscars from Audi in recent times. The last gen Audi TT is still remembered for its very strong braking performance and exterior styling that won’t look dated even today. The current gen Audi TT is a step further towards the R8 supercar and has brought many sportscar buyers to the Audi group. Regulars here would remember that we have already reported that the boffins at Audi are already busy developing the next gen TT and today, more details have emerged about the upcoming generation of Audi TT.

It is being said that the new TT would be a better handler and might be as good as the Boxster sportscar car from fellow VW Group brand, Porsche. Audi’s handling and road manners will be improved in many ways. Firstly, the next TT will have lesser kerbweight than current model. This will help the car score well in terms of dynamics, fuel consumption and performance. The next gen Audi TT will be underpinned by VW Group’s much hyped new MQB platform. The high-strength hot-formed steel that allows thinner-section members to be used helps the chassis with being stiffer and lighter.

Further helping the car will be a bodyshell that will be made predominantly from aluminium. All this would mean that the car could weigh less then 1,200kg and hardly 30-40kgs more than A1 1.6 TDI.

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