Under INR 3 Lakh: Best Sports Bikes In India

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If speed is what you want, a sports bike is what you need. While other types of bikes may be fast in a straight line, sports bikes are designed to take corners at a quick pace as well. These are designed to cheat wind and their sporty dimensions allow for a riding stance which feels natural while going fast. Here are some of the best sports bikes in India you can pick up brand new. All the bikes listed her will set you back by not more than INR 3 Lakh, ex-showroom.

Kawasaki Ninja 300

The only twin cylinder engine available in this price range, the Ninja 300 is a bike that comes from a legendary bike maker. Thanks to localisation, Kawasaki was able to bring the price below the INR 3 Lakh price bracket. The bike also gets ABS now, which happens to be the smallest ABS unit in the world. The Ninja 300 is the bike for you if you want a butter smooth parallel twin motor, ticking under some aerodynamic bodywork, on a budget.

  • 296 cc
  • 39 PS/27 Nm
  • INR 2,98,000

New Kawasaki Ninja 300 With Locally Produced Parts Launched In India (2)

KTM RC 390

The flagship track tool from the Austrian manufacturer in our market, the RC 390 is a proper hooligan. With its committed ergonomics and a ballistic motor, the KTM RC 390 is a proper track tool which can put many big capacity motorcycles to shame. Fitted with current-day kit like ABS, USD forks, and ride-by-wire, this motorcycle commands respect.

  • 373.2 cc
  • 43.5 PS/35 Nm
  • INR 2,40,000


TVS Apache RR 310

Perhaps the most impressive bike we saw last year, the Apache RR 310 shares its underpinnings with the new G 310 twins from BMW. The RR 310 is a versatile machine which is comfortable on the track and everyday roads, as an able Sports tourer. The build quality is world class and the motorcycle is brilliant in the ride & handling and braking department.

  • 312.2 cc
  • 34 PS/27.3 Nm
  • INR 2,23,000


KTM RC 200

The Austrian bike makers entry-level track tool, the RC 200 uses the same body frame as the RC 390. Equipped with a smaller engine, this bike is highly recommended for beginners who can gradually progress towards a larger bike. The RC 200 comes with USD forks from WP as well, giving you better feedback around every corner. The smaller, yet, potent engine makes it perfect for daily rides and a quick spin around the twisties over the weekend.

  • 199.5 cc
  • 25.83 PS/19.2 Nm
  • INR 1,79,000

RC 200 BlackYamaha YZF R15

This machine may be the smallest over here but it sure does deserve a mention. The Japanese manufacturer has gone way ahead in its segment to make this bike perform really well. This bike is a testament to the fact that you do not always need a lot of power to have fun. The smaller engine means that you can stay at the absolute limit of the bike without getting into serious trouble. Apart from those good looks, the R15 hides some serious engineering under its fairing. It is now available with dual-channel ABS and in a new Darknight colour too

  • 155 cc
  • 19.3 PS/14.7 Nm
  • INR 1,39,000

Yamaha R15_Thunder Grey (2)

Bajaj RS 200

A fully faired offering from Bajaj, the RS 200 is the only faired bike in the Bajaj family. The RS 200, despite being a faired sports bike gives the rider a more relaxed riding posture. The bike is also offered with a single channel ABS system, which keeps the rider safe. A striking looking machine, the RS 200 provides you with enough sportiness without compromising on usability.

  • 199.5 cc
  • 24.5 PS/18.6 Nm
  • INR 1,27,000 onwards

Pulsar RS200 – Racing Red (2)