Thilak Rao

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Thilak first got on two wheels at the age of 13, when he learnt how to balance himself. He has never gotten off two wheels ever since. Initially, it was just peddling to his school and back for 10 kilometers each day, but all that changed when he gifted himself a Honda Dio at the age of 17. After clocking 15 thousand kilometers in just 6 months touring Southern India on a scooter, he realized he needs something bigger and better. He got his first bike, Pulsar 200 in March ‘08 and thus started a serious relationship between Thilak and his lifelong love of biking
His Pulsar 200 has visited Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala clocking 45 thousand kilometers in just 2 years. He was recently featured on Yamaha’s Biking Reality Show – IBR and toured nationwide over a span of 21 days and won himself a bike!
At present, Thilak is madly in love with his Swift Vdi and R15. He dreams on getting an Iron Butt certification done real soon! Apart from Biking, Thilak is also passionate about photography and works as a professional blogger and freelance web-developer for a living.
Why is Thilak a Top Motoroid?
1.    He organized a fabulous Mangalore MotoMeet along with Meghan Naik. The headcount for the meet was close to 40 and the arrangements were so immaculate that police vans escorted the procession out of the city. Kudos!
2.    Guidance and support to Motoroids in technical affairs. We are indebted to him for his valuable contributions to the website.
3.    Avid biker, Yamaha IBR star rider and a popular guy across biking communities.

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