SPIED: Renault Oroch pickup caught filming, international launch expected in July 2015

SPIED: Renault Oroch pickup caught filming, international launch expected in July 2015. It comes with a 2.0-litre flex-fuel engine.

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In India, the Renault Duster has seen a wave of success. The Duster is marketed as an entry-level SUV and is available in either 2WD or AWD. After the success of the Duster SUV, Renault is now preparing to launch the Oroch pickup. The Renault Oroch pickup is based on the same platform as the Duster SUV and shares some design elements too.

Renault Oroch pickup (1)

The Renault Oroch pickup shares its underpinnings with the Duster SUV.

The upcoming Renault pickup looks identical to the Duster, right till the bed portion. The Oroch was caught undergoing an ad shoot, prior to its official launch. The Renault Oroch is to be priced aggressively and hence the carmaker has ditched high-end styling. That said, the taillight cluster looks good and wrap around the rear end of the car. There are also roof-rails and two vertical elements just behind the C-pillar. A ‘Renault’ logo takes prominence on the rear latch, with ‘Oroch’ name written right underneath it.

Renault Oroch Pickup Truck Concept (4)

The Concept had jazzier styling, which the production Oroch doesn’t.

The production Renault Oroch pickup does have some advantages over its stylish concept twin. The former boasts of a deeper loading area. This that means the Oroch can carry more loads with ease. The Renault Oroch pickup, as pictured here, comes with a 2.0-litre flex-fuel engine. This means that this 2.0-litre engine can run on petrol and ethanol. Running on lady petrol, the motor cranks out 148 horsepower at 5750 rpm and 205 Nm of torque at 2250 rpm. When fueled by ethanol, the engine makes 143 horsepower and torque comes down to 198 Nm. Power is sent via 4-speed automatic or a 6-speed manual transmission to the front or all-wheels (depending on the variant).

Renault Oroch pickup (3)

You can see the Duster face is still there on this pickup.

As you can see in the images, the doors on the Renault Oroch pickup are identical to the ones found on the Duster. The rear wheel arches are quite pronounced and give the pickup some more appeal. On the technical front, Renault hasn’t yet confirmed the rear suspension of the Oroch pickup. Manufacturers often have to add some rigidity to the body when transforming an SUV into a pickup. The rear suspension also has to be altered to be able to bear the load of cargo on the bed. The Renault Oroch pickup is slated to be launched in the international market somewhere in July/August 2015. We have attached a gallery of all the spy images below for you to see.

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Renault Oroch 5
Renault Oroch 4
Renault Oroch pickup (3)
Renault Oroch pickup (2)
Renault Oroch pickup (1)

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