Mysterious Lamborghini Huracan spied testing; could be either the SV or Superleggera

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For supercar manufacturers, introducing an all-new model is just the first step in that model’s lifetime. Before the paint even dries on the standard model, it will be followed by numerous special editions, some for the road, some destined to live out their days only on the racetracks. Some will sport nothing more than a fancy paint job, like the Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang, while some will be full-blown performance upgrades with the engine, suspension, and drivetrain all receiving a healthy dose of tune-ups.


Lamborghini tends to follow the latter path, and it has worked out well for the Italian marquee so far. It has its Superleggera line of beefed-up V10s, Superveloce for the V12s, and GT3s and Super Trofeos for the track-minded.

These spy images of a new Huracan could be any of the above.

In its original guise, the Huracan sports a not-too-shabby 5.2 litre V10 engine. Now the question is, how much more power can you extract from that naturally-aspirated engine? We will find out soon.


As it stands, the Huracan here sports a new set of exhaust tips, poking out from a temporary grille on the upper portion of the bumper. Below the new opening is, what seems to be, a reworked rear diffuser and four up-turned tailpipes. The only other notable visible changes to the car are racing and sponsors’ stickers — a diversionary tactic used on past Volkswagen Group development cars. Here they indicate Castrol Edge and Blancplain watches, the two sponsors for Lamborghini’s GT3 and Super Trofeo racing endeavours. But we reckon it is neither of those two. They are also rear-wheel drive, while the Huracan is all-wheel drive.


So, this all points to this model being a Superveloce or a Superleggera. That also means that this model might very well come with a large rear wing when it lands in showrooms. Its interiors will also be considerably stripped of creature comforts in the interest of weight savings and performance. And it will be faster than the Huracan, which itself is no slouch. We can’t wait.

Images: Autoblog

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