Brazilian designer envisions Nimbus e-Car electric adventure vehicle

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I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here. The Nimbus e-Car(is it even one?), aims to be an electrically propelled adventure vehicle wrapped with glass(lots of it), titanium and carbon fiber- why does it look like a lunar exploration vehicle with references to VW’s peace van and the Jetsons’ aerocars then? The brainchild of Brazilian designer Eduardo Galvani, it’s shaped like some giant capsule with space for four wheels, including some cool riveted arches. The patina finished paintwork(?), seen in some images look positively hipster as well.


The interiors are huge and roomy, thanks to the comically bulbous glasshouse. There’s onboard Wi-Fi, a removable 7-inch Central Display and Controller, a Multifunction Convex Driver Dashboard, and an Auto-Pilot system that allows all five passengers to chill, sip on that beer and admire the scenery or the cityscape while traversing around the world in their new e-Car. The e-Car keeps its occupants safe as well, with 6 airbags, side protection bars, and a tall, isolated cabin called Safe Virtual Position that keeps passengers far from the ground.


Back to the electric propulsion bit, Galvani has designed a fuel-efficient hybrid system for his e-Car. A 180-horsepower electric motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery, and is constantly charged by a gas-powered micro-combustion generator. Then there’s power harnessed from the regenerative braking and roof-mounted solar panels, which will theoretically return a fuel efficiency rating of 180 miles-per-gallon!


Here’s what Galvani had to say about his creation

“When driving a car, [a] human may experience a subconscious process that modifies some perceptions of itself, feeling as if the machine was a part of its own body which increases natural capacities, as recalls the Centaur ancient Greek myth.”

“This may be a psychological reason why some people [like] cars very much,” he continues. “As more power and autonomy has your car, more power and autonomy may have you.”

“By the same way, [the] more ecological your car is, more ecological may be you,” ends Galvani.

Source:  Eduardo Galvani

To see more of the Nimbus e-Car, head to the gallery below.