New Honda City coming late November, current version cheaper by 80K

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It’s no news that Honda Siel Cars is planning to launch a new version of its City this year. The images, features and details of the new car have been discussed in detail in one of our earlier posts. The news, however, is that the new car should be ready for deliveries in December. We called up one of the Honda dealerships and they informed us that a new variant of the City is due in December. While dealers have a fair idea of new variants and launches, they don’t know the exact dates. From whatever the dealer shared with us, it seems Honda is planning a late November, early December launch for the car.

Another important news is that the dealerships are offering a cash discount of upto 80 thousand rupees on the current version to clear stocks and make way for the new City. The discounts will accompany only the current stocks and the new City will sell for a higher price. The dealers are also suggesting a slightly higher price tag for the top end variant of the car than the current one.

The new City will be powered by the same 1.5-liter i-VTEC mill that currently propels it. The changes made to the car will be purely cosmetic with the mechanicals and underpinnings left untouched.

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