New Bajaj Pulsar to have DOHC 4 valves/cyl engine

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It has been a decade since India first saw the Pulsar line up on the streets. We really appreciate the way Bajaj engineers seem to have worked overtime to keep improving the bike. We now feel that it is the end of the life cycle of the Pulsar range and Bajaj needs to come up with something from the scratch to carry forward the Pulsar brand. News of an all new generation of Pulsar has been doing rounds since quite sometime. Although, we have concrete information regarding the upcoming KTM-Bajaj Duke 200, not much has been found out about the new Pulsar yet. But it is anybody’s guess that the new Bajaj Pulsars will take enough cues from the KTM Duke 125 and 200. Now, there is a strong news of the new Bajaj Pulsar being all set to receive the base motor of the KTM Duke 200 along with re-worked mechanicals,state of tune and gearbox. This simply translates into a possibility of a 6 speed  tranny being offered on the Bajaj Pulsar 200. However, there is also a chance of the liquid cooled cylinder being dumped in favor of an air cooled block. But going by the obvious (for a new Pulsar) and the competition (Read: ZMR, R15, etc.) getting more aggressive the engine should sustain the four valves per cylinder and DOHC layout.

The suspention on the all new Pulsar could also be sourced from the Duke and we have always maintained that a monoshock has been long over due for Pulsar.

There is a strong chance of the next generation Bajaj Pulsar 200 to be priced above the current flagship. (Read: Pulsar 220 DTSi).  It may be noted that there are next to no spy pics of a next gen Bajaj Pulsar being tested in and around the Bajaj factory even when Bajaj has told that the launch will happen sometime towards the end of January 2012. So, it is logical to assume that Bajaj is looking at retaining plenty of existing components on the Pulsar. The remaining will be taken from KTM.

Bajaj needs to price the new Pulsar at a price point well below the upcoming KTM. Unless, it wishes the bikes to eat into each other’s sales.

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