Nebula launches its range of ATVs in India

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Nebula Automotive Pvt Ltd today launched its range of ATVs in the country. The company is offering 12 off-road vehicles ranging from 110cc off-roaders for kids to 800cc amphibious ATVs for adults. Nebula has started its operations from two major centers – Mumbai and Pune. The main showroom for the company is based out of Pune, while the second showroom is in Navi Mumbai.  

Nebula ATV

Apart from the recreational purposes, nebula off-road vehicles are also used for sports and patrolling purposes. Some of the Nebula ATVs are undergoing military testing for future use in the forces. Nebula ATVs are assembled at the plant in Pune and are priced between Rs 90,000 – Rs 15,00000. Nebula has sold around 1500-2000 vehicles till date with 200 vehicles sold in the last quarter itself. The company also plans to expand its presence and is currently looking at expanding its network across the country via dealerships.

Founded in 2012, Nebula Exports Pvt Ltd by Mr. Sukhdev Asnani produces a variety of vejhicles. Apart from the off-roaders and ATVs, Nebula also produces electric golf carts and cruisers along with mini tractors. Nebula Automotive Pvt Ltd currently imports CKD kits and assembles the ATVs at its assembly plant in Pune.  Nebula has an annual turn-over of approximately Rs 3-4 crore.

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