NAVTEQ traffic information system: A new technology for the Indian market

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We recently got to hear about Navteq, a one of its kind traffic information and tracking service. It’s a new kind of a service in India which provides real-time traffic information to devices such as Sat-Navs, mobile phones and tablets which are used for navigation within the vehicle. As you would imagine, we were quite intrigued by the new product, but couldn’t quite make out what exactly the product did. So we sent some queries to the technical team at NAVTEQ, which were duly answered by their product manager Hitesh Desai. Here’s what Navteq can do for you.

1.    Explain the NAVTEQ Traffic Pro technology in detail.

NAVTEQ Traffic Pro is a robust traffic service that is designed to provide real-time traffic information to in-vehicle navigation systems, personal navigation devices, mobile phone users, tablets and websites.

NAVTEQ Traffic Pro is based on the world’s most diverse traffic collection network and delivers detailed information about traffic speeds on motorways, main and secondary roads. As a world leader in probe technology, we aggregate and analyze traffic data from a number of sources to provide NAVTEQ Traffic Pro to customers.

The service is available via an XML Data feed based on global specifications and is delivered via standard web protocol. The service is applicable / available to in-vehicle navigation systems, PNDs, smart phones, and websites. It enables traffic map display, arrival time estimation and dynamic routing.

The resulting – information from NAVTEQ Traffic Pro is delivered faster, fresher and frequently, so that drivers get accurate traffic information they need, when they need it.

2.    How is NAVTEQ Traffic Pro different from your usual GPS based Navigation system?

NAVTEQ Traffic Pro delivers comprehensive, real-time traffic information to enable more accurate estimated arrival times. It is a perfect complement to NAVTEQ Maps, providing India’s reliable digital map with accurate real time traffic reports. NAVTEQ Traffic Pro currently delivers comprehensive, real-time traffic information to more than 26 million people in India’s two largest cities by population, Delhi and Mumbai while the latest NAVTEQ Map of India covers 2,299 cities with over 6.47 million POIs.

NAVTEQ Traffic Pro delivers comprehensive and real-time traffic data to its customers. We work with our partners in the automotive, telecom and technology space to help find the least crowded path for users. Connected devices such as in-car navigation systems, personal navigation devices, mobile phones and web sites utilizing NAVTEQ Traffic Pro can help drivers spend less time driving, leaving them more time to enjoy more important things in life. Other benefits include enhanced routing efficiency, decreased miles driven and reduced fuel consumption for end-users.

3.    Does it rely on the density of its user to collect traffic data? More users = More precise data?

We aggregate and analyze traffic data from multiple sources to provide NAVTEQ Traffic Pro to customers. These sources include:
1.    The world’s largest compilation of commercial and consumer probe data among traffic suppliers. We anonymously track connected devices traveling along roads to detect traffic density, vehicle direction and speed.
2.    Billions of historical traffic records collected over the past several years.

We are a world leader in GPS probe data technology. This technology has been our recipe for success worldwide. We have deployed the same probe data technology in India too. However, probe data is not the only ingredient; we have also deployed sophisticated modeling techniques based on map attributes to generate accurate traffic information. Wherever possible, we also plan to use other complimentary sources like events, weather etc. to improve quality of our service.

4.    In what ways is it advantageous over the traditional navigation systems?

NAVTEQ Traffic Pro is currently available in 24 countries, with India being one of them, where it powers a vast array of connected devices including in-car navigation systems, personal navigation devices, mobile phones, smart pads and websites. It delivers timely reports on how fast the traffic is flowing along your routes and how best to avoid it.

This is a clear differentiator from the traditional navigation system, as they provide static information pertaining to fixed structures, and not real-time updates.

Our research – Navigation Benefits Study – shows that drivers in India who use traffic-enabled navigation on a regular basis can spend 9% less time sitting in congestion over those that don’t — the equivalent to almost three days saved on the road each year. Additionally, the findings show that drivers with real-time traffic at their disposal, experience reductions in distance traveled as well as increase in fuel efficiency, leading to a decrease in CO2 emissions per driver of 628 kilograms, or 23% less than a driver without a navigation system.

5.    What is your current market share/future outlook?

As a corporate policy, we cannot share regional numbers. However, the Indian market for GPS navigation systems has been growing exponentially.

According to a NAVTEQ research – Global Tracking Study 2010 – awareness of navigation within the Indian population is nearly 70 percent, and actual usage of navigation stands at 17 percent. This spells potential in the Indian market.

According to a report, ‘GPS Navigation and Tracking Market in India 2011’ by Netscribes – a knowledge consulting firm – the increase in demand for tracking and navigation services from a wide spectrum of consumer segments is expected to drive the market. The analysis done by Netscribes also highlights growth in logistics vertical, radio cabs, increase in penetration of high end phones, demand from the BPO sector, entry of mapping portals, increasing sales of luxury cars and government initiatives, as being the main growth factors.

6.    What is the difference in terms of price?

NAVTEQ Traffic Pro is a premium product. Under the NAVTEQ Traffic Pro portfolio, we offer more than one service, and while exact price points are confidential, our B2B customers can request us for prices of the bundled and individual products, as per their needs.

End users can enjoy the benefits from NAVTEQ Traffic Pro by utilising devices (such as in-vehicle navigation systems, personal navigation devices, mobile phones, tablets and websites) that are powered by NAVTEQ Traffic Pro.

7.    Where and when can I buy this product?

The NAVTEQ product portfolio is a Business to Business (B2B) one. NAVTEQ Traffic Pro works on a similar model too. We provide map data and location content and work with automotive players, device manufacturers and network operators to offer NAVTEQ Traffic Pro to end-consumers.  

8.    Are there any institutional uses of the product?

Enterprises such as those in fleet management, those who need to plan their supply chain better, etc. can benefit immensely from NAVTEQ Traffic Pro.

9.    Is there a video / slideshow / presentation demonstrating the product?
Not as of now.

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