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Welcome to the Motoroids Car of the Year Awards 2013. In the year of its inception, the awards, much in the fashion of our democracy will hand the power to choose the most influential car of the year to you, the people. The poll you see here is followed by a brief description of the listed cars and a small price / tech chart. You can have a look at the descriptions for a quick understanding of the car, or just vote away if you are confident of your choice.  The rules and regulations for the Award are listed out at the bottom of the page.


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Maruti Alto 800   

With the new Alto 800, Maruti reincarnates a legend. The top selling car nameplate in India gets a new face to match the modern times. None of the old model’s USPs has changed though. The New Alto 800 is still as fuel efficient, easy to own, run and maintain and practical as ever.

Price range: Rs 2.5 – 3.6 lakh
Engine Displacement- 796cc Petrol
Power- [email protected]
Torque- [email protected]

Renault Pulse   

A rebadged Nissan Micra in essence, the Pulse adds a dash of Renault’s design flamboyance to the Micra’s retro looks. An incredibly linear 1.5 liter diesel engine and terrific city maneuverability remain two of the Pulse’s high points.

Price range: Rs  4.3 – 6.7 lakh
Engine Displacement- 1198cc Petrol, 1461cc Diesel
Power- [email protected] (P), [email protected] (D)
Torque- [email protected] (P), [email protected] (D)

Chevrolet Sail U-VA

With Enormous space inside, great ride quality, a terrific warranty and the trusty 1.3 liter Multijet diesel under its bonnet, the Sail is a whole truckload of car for the money you spend on it. The lovechild of GM-SAIC relationship, the Sail U-VA is one of the most practical family hatchbacks around.

Price range: 4.5-6.7
Engine Displacement- 1199cc Petrol, 1248cc Diesel
Power- [email protected] (P), [email protected] (D)
Torque- [email protected] (P) , [email protected] (D)

New Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire    

Maruti Suzuki did the smart thing by snipping that boot and using the new Swift platform to make the Dzire more affordable than ever. Under the skin you have all the trusted Maruti qualities. Easy to own, run and maintain, this is probably the safest car to enter the basic sedan segment.

Price range: 5.1 – 7.5 lakh
Engine Displacement- 1197cc Petrol, 1248cc Diesel
Power- [email protected] (P), [email protected] (D)
Torque- [email protected] (P) , [email protected] (D)

Mahindra Quanto    

The Quanto brings the SUV dream closer than ever to the enthusiast on a budget. Making use of the Xylo platform, and managing to keep its dimensions less than 4 meters to avail a duty cut, the Quanto offers terrific value to the customers. Great tractability and a frugal engine make it an even more tempting buy.

Price range: 6.1 – 7.7 lakh
Engine Displacement- 1493cc Diesel
Power- [email protected]
Torque- [email protected]

Maruti Ertiga   

A phenomenon – the Ertiga came, saw and conquered the fast growing MUV market in one felling swoop. Only Maruti Suzuki could have managed to offer such a versatile package with such a lucrative price tag. Soft on the pocket and big on utility, this Maruti is extremely popular with personal users and fleet buyers alike.

Price range: 6.1 – 8.9 lakh
Engine Displacement- 1373cc Petrol, 1248cc Diesel
Power- [email protected] (P), [email protected] (D)
Torque- [email protected] (P), [email protected] (D)

Renault Scala   

Making use of the Sunny platform, the Scala builds on the impeccable qualities of the Nissan sedan, including space, frugality and low-cost, while lending it a bit of French glamour to make it an even more compelling buy. While people may have divided views on the Micra, the Scala is decidedly a better looking product than Nissan’s Sunny.

Price range: 7.1 – 9.6 lakh
Engine Displacement- 1498cc Petrol, 1461cc Diesel
Power- [email protected] (P), [email protected] (D)
Torque- [email protected] (P), [email protected] (D)

Renault Duster  

A sub-10 lakh SUV from an international carmaker, as we pointed out several time, was a segment waiting to be exploited. And the Duster, with its small price tag, great engine, good space inside and great ride quality has obliged. No wonder it’s just flying off the shelves.

Price range: 7.3 – 11.5 lakh
Engine Displacement- 1598cc Petrol, 1461cc Diesel
Power- [email protected] (P), [email protected] (D), [email protected] (D)
Torque- [email protected] (D), [email protected] (D), [email protected]

Nissan Evalia    

The Evalia, even with its big body, surprises the man behind the wheel with its refined manners. Unfortunately, a van is not a very popular body type in India – but the Evalia cannot be faulted as a product. It most definitely is one of the better people movers around.

Price range: 8.5 – 10 lakh
Engine Displacement- 1461cc Diesel
Power- [email protected]
Torque-  [email protected]

Tata Safari Storme

The fourteen year old nameplate is finally overhauled. Similar, as the new Safari may appear to its predecessor, it’s a grounds-up effort from Tata. More powerful, more refined and more comfortable – the Safar Storme is a massive departure from its rather crude predecessor. An icon of the modern Indian motoring history lives on with style

Price range: 9.9 – 13.7 lakh
Engine Displacement- 2179cc Diesel
Power- [email protected]
Torque- [email protected]

Hyundai Elantra    

The new Elantra has to be one of the most beautiful mainstream automobiles on the Indian roads today. Having amazed auto aficionados the world over with its stunning looks and equally compelling features for the price, the Elantra has managed to make its mark in the C+ sedan market in India.

Price range: 12.7 – 16.1 lakh
Engine Displacement- 1797cc Petrol, 1582cc Diesel
Power- [email protected] (P), [email protected] (D)
Torque- [email protected] (P), [email protected] (D)

Ssangyong Rexton    

Coming from a specialty SUV maker, the Rexton in an embodiment of all the qualities desired by the buyer in its segment. It’s big, it’s got unmatched ground clearance, it’s laden with features and has a very potent engine. All those virtues, backed by the Mahindra brand name make the Rexton a very lucrative choice for its class.

Price range: 17.8 – 19.8 lakh
Engine Displacement- 2696cc Diesel
Power- [email protected], [email protected]
Torque- [email protected], [email protected]

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport    

All the qualities of the legendary Pajero brand, in a more contemporary and sharper package – that’s the Pajero Sport for you. One look at the stance of this machine, the mighty ground clearance, and you’d know that behind that polished façade there still resides an untamed beast. Enough said!

Price: Rs 24.6 lakh
Starting Price- INR 2462250
Engine Displacement- 2477cc Diesel
Power- [email protected]
Torque- [email protected]

Hyundai Sonata Fluidic

After having given the big boys like the Accord and Camry a run for their money in the all-important US market, Hyundai’s crown jewel is here. The New Sonata matches its contemporaries pound for pound for most qualities, and then outclasses them with its more flamboyant design.

Price range: 18.8 – 21 lakh
Engine Displacement- 2359cc Petrol
Power- [email protected]
Torque- [email protected]

Toyota Camry    

In its 2013 avatar, the Camry is bigger, sharper and swifter – but the basic template hasn’t changed. It still is one of the most comfortable places to be on four-wheels. The No.1 bestselling US family sedan gets re-incarnated, and is oh-so subtly lethal, as always.
Price range: 21.9 – 24.1 lakh
Engine Displacement- 2494cc Petrol
Power- [email protected]
Torque- [email protected]

Mercedes-Benz B-Class    

Mistake it for an MUV, and you’ll regret not having laid your hands on its wheel. It’s an absolute delight to drive! The B-class has the most contemporary interior of all mainstream M-B cars available in India today. It’s got loads of space inside, and is loaded to the gills with features. By all means, the B-class defies its shape, size and price to deliver more on every count!

Price range: 21.7 – 25.1 lakh
Engine Displacement- 1595cc Petrol
Power- [email protected]
Torque- [email protected]

Mini Cooper    

One of the most iconic small car brands, the Mini is not just a car, it’s a philosophy.  In its new-age avatar, the Mini has grown out of the narrow streets, and manages to stay relevant as one of the most stylish, fun to drive and tasteful machines on four wheels. It’s a car for the true connoisseur.

Price range: 26.1 lakh
Engine Displacement- 1598cc Petrol
Power- [email protected]
Torque- [email protected]

Audi Q3    

The spearhead of Audi’s aggressive assault in the Indian premium car bazaar, the Q3 has been a game changer of sorts. Offering true premium feel on a compact SUV body type, the Q3 brings the luxury segment closer to the Indian middle class without unchecking any boxes. A tough act to follow!
Price range: 28.2 – 33.9 lakh
Engine Displacement- 1968cc Diesel
Power- [email protected]
Torque- [email protected]

BMW 3 Series

In its sixth generation, the new 3-series gets a meaner, sexier face, new engine, new technologies and a much bigger cabin. The new 3-series carries the beacon of its legendary forebears forward in a sublime fashion. It has, in its latest avatar, become a more rounded package without letting go of any of its traditional qualities.

Price range: 29.1 – 38.0 lakh
Engine Displacement- 1997cc Petrol, 1995cc Diesel
Power- [email protected] (P), [email protected] (D)
Torque- [email protected] (P), [email protected] (D)

Rules and guidelines for voting

  • Cars which have been launched from 1st January 2012 to 30th November 2012 have been taken into consideration for these awards. Cars launched between 1st December and 31st December will be considered for MCOTY 2014
  • You can choose as many as five options for your favorite Car of the Year
  • Only completely overhauled or entirely new products have been included as contenders
  • The poll begins on 18th December 2012 and closes on 31st January 2013
  • Votes gathered via polls on Motoroids Facebook page and Motoroids Forums will also be counted
  • Voters have been given an option to vote for upto 5 cars to get a deeper understanding of which cars the customers think are the most important for the market.
  • Apart from the Car of the Year 2013 Awards. Motoroids will also release a Top Five Cars 2013 list as well. These will be the top five cars getting the maximum votes
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