MotoGP to crack the whip on the bad boys!

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Come 2013 and over-aggressive riding (resulting in crashes) or mugging with the marshals/ officials might just become the championship decider at the end of the season provided the riders at the top of the table indulge into any such acts. A new penalty points has been put into place by the Grand Prix Commission, and the racing landscape is about to change when it comes to the points system.

The authorities have approved a penalty points system in place where a rider can be penalized ranging from 1 to 10 based on the situation. The points would accrue during the season to the rider’s tally and sanctions would be applied once the points reach a threshold.

04 points- Rider to start the next race from the rear of the grid.
07 points- Rider to start the next race from the pit lane.
10 points- Disqualified for the next race

The points sanction is reset for the rider once he touches the 10 point mark. Penalty points are lapsed at the end of the season and (thankfully to some) not carried to the following season.

There were a few other regulations poured in, which can be read HERE, but we feel the rules pertaining to the riders form the important part of the events, particularly when the competition gets as closely matched as it was this year. Pressure tends to take the toll on riders who at times get belligerent to oust their opponents. Watch out racers!


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