Mitsubishi Mirage NOT coming to India

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Contrary to what we have been hoping, a Hindustan Motors spokesperson has said that Mitsubishi-HM will keep all its focus on SUVs for Indian car market. This means that the much publicized Mitsubishi Mirage hatchback isn’t coming to us anytime soon.

Another bad news, especially for the boy racers of our country, is that the manufacturer soon intends to discontinue the Cedia. It may be noted that Lancer has already been axed and the demise of Cedia would leave many disappointed.

The decision to not bring the Mirage to India is owing to the small dealer network that HM-Mitsubishi has in Indian market. Now, a hatchback positioned in the largest selling car segment would need a wide sales and after sales network and HM-Mitsubishi has no plans to upgrade its dealer network.

We are pretty disappointed by the fact that the Mirage is not coming to India.

Source FinancialExpress


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