Mitsubishi CS-21 Concept looks at the Colt from 90s for deisgn inspiration

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The Mitsubishi Colt is one of the most loved cars that have come from the Japanese auto maker. The entire world took notice when Gabor Farkas led design team came up with the Mitsubishi CS concept back in 2011. The Mitsubishi CS is being touted as a replacement of the Colt supermini.

Farkas’ team at Mitsubishi has now re-visited the 2011 Mitsubishi CS Concept and has come up with a new CS-21 Concept that again is inspired by the Colt of the 90s.

Talking about the concept, Farkas said: “Two years ago, I tried to design the present days’ Mitsubishi Colt/Mirage CA successor. That car was designed according to Mitsubishi’s jet-fighter design language. Now that the jet-fighter has fallen into oblivion, it was time for a change. The car I am sending you is wearing even more styling elements of the original CA.

The oval headlights and rear lights, the trapezoidal shaped front air intake and the rooflines are also well known from the Colt/Mirage of the early 90’s. Even the fact that the back is designed using similar lines to those on the front is a key point of the CA’s exterior.

What I would have liked to show is that you can create a modern looking car out of an old shape with contemporary design elements. The name refers to the fact that the CA is ‘celebrating’ its 21st anniversary this year.”

What do you have to say about the latest concept from Mitsubishi? Do you like their conservative approach towards the styling of their new cars?

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