Mitsubishi and Hindustan Motors might soon Separate

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Jap car maker Mitsubishi is really in news these days. Recently, we talked in detail about the newly launched Pajero Sport. The, we also reported about the 7 seater Outlander crossover that Mitsubishi quietly slipped in to the market. Now, rumors are afloat that the Jap car maker might soon divorce Hindustan Motors. It may be noted that Mitsubishi and HM are in a joint venture in Indian market and thi JV has come out with some really tasty cars like the Lancer sedan and Pajero SUV. However, it has been sometime since Mitsubishi and Hindustan Motors have come out with a new product together Mitsubishi might want to now work alone in Indian car market. One of the reasons for it might be that Hindustan Motors’ future with passenger cars is very uncertain.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Japan’s executive officer and corporate general manager of Asia and ASEAN, Masahiko Ueki, recently said, “Going on our own is also an option. We have many options and we are exploring all of them at the moment. We do not know if our operations with Hindustan Motors is good or not for future. So we are looking at all options. Using HM’s Chennai plant for manufacturing the small car is also an option.”

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