MIT Technology Review: Audi among 50 most innovative companies

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Every year, the “MIT Technology Review” provides us with a list of top  companies all over the world that have announced pathbreaking technologies. This year the jury of MIT Technology Review put Audi on the top of the list of “50 Disruptive Companies” in recognition of the driving project it presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Detroit.

The technology is based on Audi’s adaptive cruise control with stop & go function and is enhanced by a lateral guidance system. Two radar sensors monitor an area up to 250 meters (820.21 ft) ahead of the vehicle at a 35-degree scanning angle. A wide-angle video camera monitors the lane markings and can also detect objects such as other vehicles, pedestrians and guardrails.

As many as 8 ultrasonic sensors monitor the zones directly in front of the car and at its corners. There is also a laser scanner that supplies high-precision data gathered at an angle of about 140 degrees and as far as 80 meters in front of the car. Audi Board of Management Chairman Rupert Stadler said, “We are greatly honored to be included in the group of the world’s most
innovative companies. It shows that Audi is well equipped for the future.” “As summed up in its slogan ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’, Audi is up among the leaders in the integration of electronic and electromechanical systems,” says Wolfgang Dürheimer, Board Member Technical Development, AUDI AG.” 

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