Mercedes tops the Best Global Brands 2011 list for premium cars

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Mercedes Benz can proudly flaunt the fact that it has been ranked at the top amongst the premium car brands of this world in the ‘BEST GLOBAL BRANDS 2011’ ranking !  If nothing else, this should be good enough to launch an ad campaign on this theme.

The ranking is assessed by consultancy Interbrand Zintmever & Lux. The ranking is gauged on the measurement of the value of the brand in terms of its appeal and resonance with the consumers.

Among the overall ranks of top 100 brands, Mercedes Benz is placed at number 12 with soft drink manufacturer Coca Cola ranked at the absolute top. The only other automobile manufacturer to better Mercedes Benz is Toyota which pipped the luxury car manufacturer to acquire the 11th slot.  Mercedes’s main rival BMW has been ranked at 15th and the other rival, Audi has been placed way below at 59th.

Interbrand has positioned Mercedes Benz brand value at a staggering $ 27.455 million. And make no mistake, this is not the value of the company, but just what Interbrand rates as the value quotient of the brand !

India sure seems to be becoming a hot market for Bimmers with BMW posting better sales figures than the 3 pointed star but the world still seems to be singing ‘Oh lord! Won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz??!’


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  • Brian says:

    The rear end of the car looks brilliant but not too happy with the front end. The styling looks very similar to that of the new i10.

    Hope there is improvement in the cabin space as the existing version is very cramped which is one of the reason why i didn't go for it.