Mercedes develops a system that puts the driver to sleep!

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Car drivers falling asleep behind the wheel causes a lot of mishaps. However, popular German car maker Mercedes seems to have taken the findings of the TopFitTtruck study a tad too seriously and have developed the “Active Comfort” project that helps the driver sleep! Don’t be surprised for the system comes into play only when the car is stationary and the driver wishes to have a power nap to refresh him. Mercedes feels that a fatigue free driver will be more cautious on the road and also make the car burn less of the fossil stuff.

The Active Comfort concept is based on the 5 senses: visual effects, acoustic, smells, haptics and thermo-reception. The system will try to create optimum lighting and music effects when the driver is in his relaxing mode. As for the aroma, the system will also eject different smells, like, menthol to boost the alertness of the driver. The ionizer will be on duty to keep the air fresh and the fragrance of an orange will be used to help the driver sleep peacefully.

‘The possibility of making effective use of ‘power napping’ for recuperation purposes will play a key role in the Active Comfort concept from Mercedes-Benz,” said the company. ‘Some of the ideas explored in this vehicle [TopFitTruck] will soon feature on board series-production vehicles from Mercedes-Benz’.


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